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You are a dead idol, trying to reborn
In my mind you live in my heart in my soul
When I try to erase you, I intensify my pain
That reminds me all the time
You’re a million miles away

from Dead Idol

Mineral Fog is a Greek hard rock band, founded in Athens, in May 2015 by Mike Tsichlis (keyboards, piano), John Diakoronas (drums) and guitarist Stamatis Lessis (guitars). We are a Greek hard-rock band playing music with a combination of progressive and heavy metal elements as we always wanted to play and create something unique and true to the band’s nature.

Stamatis Lessis (guitars) was a member of the bands “Nipto tas Chiras” (1999 – 2010) and Past Tension (2008-2010). In 2007, he started working on his personal album “Stambeat- Bad Boys Dream” which was released in 2010 and has also collaborated numerous times with Bob Katsionis and Teli Kafkas.

John Diakoron (drums) and Mike Tj (keyboards, piano), knowing each other for more than a decade, share the same passion and will to play music and compose songs as demonstrated in their previous collaborations. They were both members in many bands such as Purple Stains and Muzak and have also accompanied many musicians in their productions.

George Chrisanthidis (vocals, guitars) joined the band in May, 2016 and participated in the whole recording process of the “Dead Idol” album. His main form of expression is to write lyrics with sociopolitical content and combine them with atmospheric melodies and psychedelic-based rhythms to offer a powerful outcome.

George Kritharis (bass) joined Mineral Fog at the end of 2018. Having contributed and recorded 2 albums with previous bands (Immensity – The Isolation Splendour & Fortress under Siege – Phoenix Rising) and opening shows for various legendary bands such as Accept and Primordial, he loves to spread the groove and complete the low end sounds of the band.

Our debut album - “Dead Idol” - released in 2017, is the first step on what we love to express through our music as we are influenced by various kinds of rock and metal music to deliver an effective outcome and show on stage. We are currently in the process of composing music and lyrics for our second album while playing live shows to share and express our musical vision and unity.

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