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23 feb

Date: 23 february 2019

Minera Fog live at Casper's

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15 dec

Date: 15 december 2018

Mineral Fog and Drunk Notes Rocking at Blue Bear

Mineral Fog and Drunk Notes go down to Exarchia and Blue Bear on Saturday, December 15th, to rock and share with you their record labels.

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2 nov

Date: 02 november 2018

Mineral Fog live at Comix Beer House-Rock Stage

Mineral Fog starts a series of concerts in Athens and province with a first appearance at the Comix Bar... Semiologically due to the birthplace of their guitarist and their Fans!!!.

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1 jul

Date: 07 july 2018

Mineral Fog & Rising Road live at underground

On Sunday 1 July, Mineral Fog and Rising Road & Mahfouz Elena are waiting for you at UNDERGROUND MUSIC STUDIOS for a great summer event.

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16 mar

Date: 16 march 2018

Mineral Fog Party live at COMIX Beer House-Rock Stage

On Friday, March 16, 2018, the hard rock band will be on the stage of COMIX coffee-beer house-live stage in New Heraklion, to celebrate together the birthday of one of our members. We are waiting for you!!

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03 feb

Date: 03 February 2018

Dead Idol Release album live event

Mineral Fog move on to the next station of the live presentations tour of their debut disc album "Dead Idol"; this time at Billy's cafe bar in Sparta, Lakonia.

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26 jan

Date: 26 January 2018

Dead Idol Release album live event

The live presentation of the debut disc album "Dead Idol" will take place at Crow Club in Athens.

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17 Sep

Date: 17 September 2017

The beginning of "Dead Idol" album distribution

Available for Online download

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